JAYA LAUNCH PAD: Launching the UPJ Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has been the breath of Universitas Pembangunan Jaya since it was established in 2011. In 2016, Universitas Pembangunan Jaya formed Jaya Launch Pad (JLP) as an attempt to speed up the process of entrepreneurship spirit training and to produce young and tough entrepreneurs. Therefore, JLP existence is very strategic at UPJ as it enriches the learning process that is done not only focusing on mastering the theories but also enriching the knowledge on theories with the practical experiences of business practitioners.

Expanding Networks

Since its establishment in 2016, JLP has built partnerships with two national incubators; those are the Womanpreneur Community and the Excellent Business Incubator. It has also built an international partnership with the Wadwani Foundation. All of those partnerships were built to enhance entrepreneurship spirit.

Through these partnerships, JLP has a direct access to 17,500 small to middle scale business in all over Indonesia as well as directly involve in the national entrepreneurship development in Indonesia.

The involvement in developing the entrepreneurship world is realized through actively conduct training and seminar to business practitioners in Indonesia. So far, JLP has trained more than kepada pelaku-pelaku usaha 120 smalll to middle scale business which are spread through out  Indonesia.



In its young age, Universitas Pembangunan Jaya always has tough entrepreneur candidates. Some of the young entrepreneurs of Universitas Pembangunan Jaya are:

1. WIDURI NORMA JUNITA (2013021023)

She is a graduate of Management Study Program at Universitas Pembangunan Jaya who has managed WNJKEBAYA business. This is an online shop and kebaya making offline business that was established in January 2013. Right now, the business’ omzet has achieved 200 million rupiahs per year. The business has five employees.


2. ALDO ABDUL AZIS (2015071012)

He is a student at the Informatics Engineering Study Program at Universitas Pembangunan Jaya. Right now, he manages a travel business named CV. Aldonna Wisata Mandiri (Aldonna Tour) that serves ticketing and offers tourism service. This tough student is able to achieve hundreds of million rupiahs every year.

3. DEA FANINDYA PUTRI (2013101012)

She is a graduate of Architecture Study Program at Universitas Pembangunan Jaya. Right now she has owned and managed 3 (three) businesses: YURO gym, Fanindya Hijab, and Peternakan Kucing.com. From those three businesses, the exercise clothing achieves millions rupiahs per day. Fanindya Jilbab is still in the early step and peternakankucing.com has achieved tens of millions rupiahs per month. Dea has also been able to employ other people in running her businesses.




The collaboration with the government to build strong entrepreneurship is also done by JLP involvement in the process of planning, socializing, and implementing The Center for Small Scale Business Development (PUSAT PENGEMBANGAN USAHA KECIL-PUPUK) that is done in the Integrated Child Friendly Public Space (Ruang Publik Terpadu Ramah Anak-RPTRA) owned by the DKI Jakarta Province Government.

Since PUPUK RPTRA was established in last March 2017 until today, the number of small scale business units that join PUPUK RPTRA program is 62 units.

The PUPUK RPTRA establishment started with the small scale business potential mapping in six RPTRA areas that are managed by Pembangunan Jaya those are RPTRA Sungai Bambu, RPTRA Amiterdam, RPTRA Kenanga, RPTRA Bahari, RPTRA Cililitan, and RPTRA Kembangan. Coordinating with the Child Empowerment and Protection and Population Control Service (Dinas Pemberdayaan Perlindungan Anak dan Pengendalian Penduduk-DPPAPP) of the DKI Jakarta Province Government, the training and assisting materials given by JLP are ensured to be right on target so that the benefits can be seen by the RPTRA business owners.


Facing the globalization era, the role of JLP in the future will be very strategic not only for the Universitas Pembangunan Jaya but also for Indonesia. The collaboration with the stakeholders who care about and strongly relate to the entrepreneurship development will be more enhanced both in quantity and quality. 

JLP in the future will focus more on building ecosystem that can support entrepreneurship development. The provided multifunction rooms function as tools to build collaboration for the sake of creative and innovative ideas creation for new business development.  These multifunction rooms can also be used as places to share knowledge and conduct small seminar. Other facilities built to support the entrepreneurship ecosystem are investation gallery and tax center. 


Both of these facilities are built to support the development of students understanding related to financial and tax management so that UPJ is expected to produce entrepreneurs who are not only tough but also responsible.

The JLP UPJ partnership network will also be expanded through collaboration with the external institutions. Collaboration with other universities is done through conducting events together such as discussion, experience sharing, and knowledge sharing between business incubators. The intensity of collaboration with the MNC Security and Tax Directorate General will also be improved.

The role of Pembangunan Jaya Universty alumni is also important in the development of JLP in the future as a bridge between students and the real working world. Equiped with strong commitment from the Universitas Pembangunan Jaya, and the existence of support from and partnership with all of the stakeholders JLP will continuously put efforts and work to rocket the spirit of entrepreneurship for the sake of producing new Indonesia tough entrepreneurs.